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Using a DC solar powered compressor is a smart idea and a game changer for powering your freezer or fridge OFF GRID in a remote area where there is no access to electricity or for reducing your power consumption if you are using a prepaid meter to drastically reduce the cost of electricity due to Zero starting current from the DC compressor.

The conversion method had been carried out successfully, confirmed and approved working perfectly okay by our certify engineers all you need is to buy our 12VDC Solar Powered compressor to convert your existing freezer/ fridge to solar instead of wasting huge amount of money in purchasing brand new solar freezer or fridge. the conversion save you a lot of money and work perfectly well (fast freezing & cooling) even more better than some solar freezer in the market due to the compressor 100% copper coil & smart controller system

Fast Freezing 12/24VDC Hybrid Solar Compressor For Freezer/Fridge (90L – 618L Capacity) Conversion

Original Price ₦110,500
Promo Price  ₦85,000

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1. Highly Compatible for conversion of both Freezer and Fridge from 90L – 610L
2. Direct battery connection to 12V Battery.

3. High Reduction in power consumption up-to 75% energy saving.
4. Power consumption is 70W.
5. Better performance compare to normal Freezer/fridge
6. Fast and instant freezing.
7. Up to 5 units compressor after conversion can be Powered by i better pass my neighbor generator conveniently.
8. It can easily be install by any refrigerator technician.


The electronics unit must always be connected directly to the  battery pole. Connect the plus + and the minus to -, otherwise the electronic unit will not work. The electronic unit is protected against reverse battery connection. For protection of the
installation, a fuse must be mounted in the + cable as close to the battery as possible 15A fuse for 12V and 7.5A fuse for 24V circuits are recommended.
The compressor is stopped and re-started again according to the decided voltage limits measured on the + and – terminals of the
electronic unit. The standard settings for 12V and 24V power supply systems appear from the controller.
A fan can be connected between the terminals + and F. Connect the plus to + and the minus to F.
Since the output voltage between the terminals + and F is always regulated to 12V,a 12V fan must be used for both 12V and 24V power supply systems.The fan output can supply a continuous current of
0.5A avg.


100% high quality.
Perfect to replace your old refrigerator or freezer compressor.
Unique charm, wear-resisting durable and undamage.
Easy to install.
No drilling and cutting required.

Original Price ₦110,500
Promo Price  ₦85,000

Contact Us To Place Your Immediate Order
Fax +2347065279911, +2348098334805

Contact Us To Place Your Immediate Order
Fax +2347065279911, +2348098334805

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